How To Save Money with Podcast Setup?

Podcast Setup

The most common question that we get from beginners is “What is the perfect podcast setup for me?” This is a very good question and here is the answer:

In this article we are going to address the question “What is the perfect podcast setup for me?” Every podcaster’s requirements are unique and depending on your type of podcast will vary. For example, if you have an hour-long weekly show or a half hour infrequent-but-occasionally-weekly-show, you probably need a separate feed for each one. Some shows have no recurring hosts and are run through text or voice.

In our opinion the best way to do this is to have a separate Feed for each Podcast. By having separate feeds you are allowing for your listeners to find you faster and be able to get through your podcasts in a shorter period of time.

Podcast Setup Ideas
Podcast Setup Ideas

Ways To Get Listener

There are several ways to get your listeners to subscribe to your separate feed. You can get it listed in the top left hand corner of your feed and also place it on your main RSS page, so that everyone is able to see it. Most podcast hosts will have this option and most hosts will recommend it.

You could also use a service such as Feedburner or another RSS feed aggregator to place your separate feed on their pages for you. Most hosts will provide you with this option but make sure that you know what you are doing before doing it.

Put Your Feed On Page

Another alternative is to put your feed on your own page. We would recommend that you avoid this unless you are the host of a huge number of shows on a subject that you know a lot about.

It is a good idea to have your feed listed at the end of every episode. Most people want to go straight to the bottom of the screen to see new content and listen to your podcast. If you place it there then they are able to go straight to the feed without going through your entire show.

The above is just a basic outline of some of the many possible ways that you can use podcast to help generate more listeners and to increase your search engine ranking. The more work that you put into your podcast the better results you will get.

About Podcasts Hosts Face

One of the biggest problems that podcast hosts face is that they have their own podcast that they record in pod casting and then distribute to their listeners. However, you should make sure that you always have an audience to sell your shows to.

This is easier said than done but if you are promoting your podcast by yourself then you should make sure that you have a good listener base. You may need to advertise your podcast on sites like Yahoo Answers, blogs, forums and other social media platforms.

Your podcast can only be as good as the amount of listeners that you have. Therefore, if you have a large number of listeners then you will need to constantly promote it and advertise it through different venues.

Use Advertisement Formats

You can use blog posts, forum comments, podcasts, podcast downloads and other formats of advertisement to create awareness about your podcast. You can also create your own podcast and submit it to various podcast directories. This way you can build a following and build traffic for your podcast.

Podcast Setup will not take a lot of time. The trick is to do a good job and keep it consistent for months to come.

Create Video Podcast

Another way to get exposure for your podcast is to create video podcasts and upload them to YouTube or similar video sharing websites. Then you can use these to post your podcast information to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and others.

These are just some of the many ways that you can advertise your podcast using your blog posts, forums, podcast downloads and other forms of advertising. It is important for you to keep this up to date and consistent with your podcast setup.

Podcast Setup Methods
Podcast Setup Methods

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