Basics Podcasting Equipment

Podcasting Equipment

Do you have no high-tech podcasting equipment? No worries, with just a microphone, headphones and laptop you are ready to launch your first episode. It is not a complicated venture and is pretty straightforward. Moreover, you need good editing, recording software, and a platform for publishing. Of course, fancy tools will add quality to it, but they are not necessary to start. Add them later but for the beginning, you need essential gears.

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Podcasting Equipment- What Are The Basics?

Basic Podcasting Equipment

A Microphone

A podcaster can never overlook this critical gear. Your audience will not listen to your episodes if they find any audio issue. These issues include poor quality audio, background noise, and more. Most of the podcaster use the in-built mic of the computer. Instead of this, buy a microphone that is within your budget. You can either buy a USB microphone or XLR microphone. The quality and control are good for these options.

A Headphone

No need to purchase an expensive headphone instead buy something that works well. However, don’t fall for the gears that have combos of the two. The quality is not suitable for podcasting.

A Filter

A pop filter will cut your p’s and b’s that your microphone will amplify. Pop filters are not costly, so they will not put a hole into your budget.

A Boom

Although booms are not necessary podcasting equipment, they are worthy. It easily holds the mic and let you freely speak for hours. Moreover, it adds sound quality.

Podcasting Equipment- Additional Gears

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Podcasting Equipment- What Are The Basics?

Headphone Amplifier

If you are hosting a group podcast, then you need headphone amplifiers.  It has jacks to accommodate more headphones that you will need for each speaker on your show. Moreover, it maximizes the quality of sound of each headphone.

Audio Interface

Your computer needs digital signals for upload, playback, and mixing process. An audio interface is thus what you need to serve the digital signals to the computer. The device converts the audio file to create digital signals. They can take inputs from multiple channels and instruments.

A Mixer

It gives complete control to you over the outputs, inputs, and sound levels.


Don’t forget the wires, and they are the most crucial podcasting equipment. So, buy an XLR cable to avoid any disruptions during the recording.

Memory Storage

Get memory storage devices so that you can save the episodes in it and later upload the same.

Do’s And Don’ts For Podcasting Equipment Purchase

Do’s For Podcasting Equipment

A sound recording environment is where you can mitigate the echoes, background noise, and any other kind of disturbances. Also, choose editing and recording software carefully. Go for paid apps as they have better features than free versions. However, few free apps work well for new podcasters.

Don’ts For Podcasting Equipment

Above all, you don’t have to purchase every podcasting equipment that other podcasters have. Have the essential accessories and start podcasting.

Moreover, what matters is the right skills of speaking and engaging audiences. So, grab all the accessories, do the setup, and research well. Keep all your focus in delivering exciting stuff to the listeners every time they turn on the podcast.

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