Podcasting Tips For Beginners

Podcasting Tips For Beginners

Blog posts, slide decks, visuals, social media updates, videos, and more are a few forms of content marketing. Podcasts are one of them which you can use as a strategy of content marketing. Why? Podcasts are a trending and growing way to share your content easily to a vast audience base. So, if you are about to start, then read our podcasting tips for beginners’ guide.

What is a podcast? It is a fantastic and easy way to connect to a broad audience that otherwise will not be possible with blogs. The podcast is top-rated among people as they take more interesting in listening rather than reading blogs. Hearing something gives a more personal sense of connection in comparison to reading words. Therefore, it is more attractive.

Podcasting Tips For Beginners
Podcasting Tips For Beginners

Podcasting Tips For Beginners From Scratch

#1 Podcasting Tips For Beginners- Content Planning

To make it easy to plan the podcast like deciding the number of episodes it will have. Also, think about the topic that you will cover in the next podcast. Take note of every little detail about the schedule. Moreover, you can break the issues into small sub-topics. Once you get a clear plan, focus on creating content for it, and recording.

#2. A quality Microphone- Podcasting Tips For Beginners

Your podcast episodes should have an excellent audio quality which means you need a good microphone. Buy the best receiver that is within your budget.

#3. Professional Cover

A right cover image for your podcasts is essential. So, if you don’t have any idea how to make one, hire a professional. Ask him to style a cover that reflects your style and personal brand. A clear outstanding image for your cover will make you stand different among others.

#4. An Outline

An outline is again one of the essential podcasting tips for beginners. A clear introduction, with interesting body content and at the end conclusion makes a great outline. Don’t write a complete script, earn a few bullet points of the critical topics you will discuss.

#5. Get Personal

You can make the podcast as personal as you wish to connect deeper with audiences. In case you are telling stories, then make it relatable. If you talk on a specific topic or task, then share your personal views and experiences about it.

Podcasting Tips For Beginners
Podcasting Tips For Beginners

Some Important Podcasting Tips For Beginners- Don’t Ignore

Planning, recording, producing is no doubt essential, but editing is also an important part. Next is uploading. You can upload your first podcast on Tunein, Libsyn, iTunes, and more.

#6. Create An RSS Feed

Libsyn creates an automatic RSS feed, so this is the best option otherwise you have to create it.

#7. Submit Podcast

Open the iTunes and look for your podcast from the menu. Click on submit button.

#8. Feed URL

Enter your name, description, and other information on feed URL.

#9. Final Submission

You will receive a confirmation message from iTunes. Review the podcast before you upload it. After one or two days, you will get an email confirming your approval. People will begin searching for your first podcast after a few days.

An important podcasting tip for a beginners is to find the best platform for uploading. Few platforms offer sharing options like Facebook and more. So, be ready with your first podcast episode with our tips.

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